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#DAWGFOOD Helping Huskies Grow

Football Team Pantry

It was April of 2018 when Coach Hays realized a pertinent piece of information. "Our older kids (Jr's and Sr's) were eating their lunch at 10:30 am and weren't getting any other source of nutrition until they got home from weight lifting sessions sometimes not until after 6:00." That thought led to an idea Hays had heard several year earlier at a clinic, The peanut butter and jelly club. " I don't even remember where it was but I was at a clinic several years ago and a coach spoke on the programs his program had in line to meet the student/athletes needs holistically, I sorted through some old notes and thus the PB&J club was born."

It was just a simple letter posted to facebook which led to an email sent to those who responded, and before the Dawgs knew it they had more peanut butter and jelly than the isle at the Shop N Save. "The Support we got was exceptional" Hays said, "I didn't even know they made some of those jellies, and most of the kids had never had crunchy peanut butter so it was a favorite."

It didn't take long before the PB&J club began to accept granola bars, crackers, tuna packets, heater meals, and any other fast source of energy. The Husky coaching staff saw a spark of energy in the weight room that they hadn't seen in months. They had outgrown the large tote that used to contain all the food and wound up doing some field house remodeling to create an almost kitchen. " I emptied my office and moved to a smaller room, I saw our body weights go up and our energy go level increase and that's all we needed to see."

What started out as a little snack tote before weight room sessions is now supported by somewhere between 15 and 20 teachers, parents, coaches, and other supporters. It has grown from a loaf of bread and some peanut butter to three microwaves and cabinets full of snacks. Hays says ultimately he would love to add a deep freezer where the huskies could add frozen meals to the menu. "The support of our communities is never something we have been able to complain about, they love our players and when they see a need they always step up to the plate." One of the team mottos is "Everything Matters" and the Husky Football Staff truly believes this small program helps their team to get the most out of their time. "Our guys will get a snack before and after weight lifting sessions, before and after practice, and during film sessions; having the "Dawg Food" makes us a better football team and ensures that our kids are getting nutrition.

Donations can be made in person at North Marion High School, via amazon pantry and delivered to the school, or sent with any player. If you are interested in making a donation to the "Dawg Food" Project please contact nmhuskyfootball@gmail.com .

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