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Alumni Reunion Dinner Growing

2018 Football Alumni Dinner

Some things just seem to get better with time, thus seems to be the case for the Husky Football Alumni dinner. The first time around (2017)the reunion was held at the Knights of Columbus and a great time was had by all. As a matter of fact so many former players and coaches were in attendance and donating to the program that the goal to remodel the weight room, which was a three year plan, was handled mostly in just one night! In 2018 the decision was made to move the dinner to a larger more centralized location, Fairmont State's Colebank Hall. Boosters felt that the move to Colebank in 2018 was needed in order to maintain consistency in the future. The venue can hold as many former players and coaches as we can get invited, and that is vital because the North Marion Football program's ultimate goal is to continue to link together the forty years of football tradition.

So what can be expected in the 2019 version? Even more improvements is what all coaches and boosters are hoping for.

The first major improvement is all Husky football players are going to be invited... of course by that we mean Monongah Lions, Mannington Gators, Fairview Indians, Barrackville Bison, and Farmington Farmers football players from years prior to 1979 will be included in the dinner this year. "It's vital to stress that even graduates from our feeder schools are now honorary Huskies" stated Coach Daran Hays, " Those guys are as much to thank for our football success as the players who wore the black and silver, at first look it appears that NMHS has won three state titles and had one runner-up, but in reality our football program has won 11 state titles (one Farmington, two Mannington, and five Monongah, to go along with NMHS three) and five runners up (two Monongah and two Fairview to accompany NMHS 1982 runner-up season)." Hays admits that the biggest challenge will be contacting former players from those eras, but says the boosters will be making efforts to contact those players and coaches.

The second drastic improvement is the ability to pay for your ticket using paypal. Boosters felt it crucial that attending players have the ability to order their tickets and register for the event online. "A lot of these guys travel a little bit to attend, I think its really important to give them the chance to buy their ticket and/or make donations to the program online."

So what does the future hold for this great event? Only time will tell, but the immediate goal of uniting all the generations of Husky football is well on its way. "In the future I would love to see this event grow large enough to where we can make goals of building a new football facilities building to honor our alumni, installing a hall of fame, and using the facility to continue to improve our current program, but in the meantime I'm just enjoying the fellowship and the pleasure of meeting some true North Marion legends." Hays said, "Aside from being Landree's dad and Stacy's Husband, being a Husky is the title I am most proud of. Our staff is composed of several alumni throughout the generations, and any opportunity I can get to talk to those guys who played on their teams is truly an honor. April 6th will undoubtedly be one of my favorite days of the year, its like my Christmas morning!"

Couples tickets for the event are $65 and can be purchased at the following link.


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