F.A.M.I.L.Y.=Forget About Me I Love You

The North Marion High School football program will be about serving first! Our mission is to create excellent men first and win football games second and we plan to do a great job at both. 

       It starts in the classroom. Our student athletes will be students first! The WVSSAC places an emphasis on academics and requires all athletes to earn a 2.0 GPA (C Average). Our belief is that C's are average and we were not brought together to be average, we will be great. Our team average GPA has been over 3.2 for the past 8 semesters, and most recently was a 3.48. Our players will be asked to sit in the front of classes, be polite in class, not be ashamed to participate in discussion or class assignments, and be the standard. All we can ask anyone to do is their BEST, but that best is in all things we do.

      Secondly, we will play for each other. There is a level of accountability in our program where we expect eachother's absolute BEST on every down, and every day. Forget About Me I Love You means no one will care who gets it done as long as WE get it done!

      Next, we will commit to putting a team on the field that our communities and our school can be proud of. There is a rich history football in the North Marion Area. We will uphold that expectation that we will play soundly, intelligently, and with absolute GREAT effort. Our community has always been supportive of our program and we are on a mission to keep it that way. 

      Most importantly, we will make it our primary mission that when we leave the football field and the halls of North Marion High School we will leave men who are equipped for life with a blue collar mentality which allows them to be the hardest workers in the room, thus making them great employees, husbands, fathers, and community members. 

      Every little thing matters. We will be a program which prides its self in great attention to details, and forming relationships that will last a lifetime!